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Latest technology

Total Industrial Engraving in Leicester use the latest CO2 laser engraving technology which can be used for laser engraving etching almost any material, including the following:

  • Plastics – Gravoply/Rowmark, Perspex/Acrylic
  • Metals – Stainless Steel, Mild Steel, Brass, Copper, aluminium
  • Glass – Can also be engraved on reverse
  • Mirror – Front and reverse, if on reverse it removes the coating which is very effective when against a light background
  • Switchplates and Spurs – we haven’t found any materials/coatings we can’t engrave yet.
  • Wood and Wood effect Laminates – Images and text can be engraved onto these and cutting depending on thickness
  • Foam – We have engraved titles in foam for display cases – high density foam work best for this
  • Denim – We’ve been asked to engrave jeans, so we tested it and we can, we like to play when time allows
  • Leather – Wallets are a regular request approaching Christmas
Dial Engraving with lamp hole


The list for laser engraving applications is almost endless, but I’ll give you some examples:

Total Industrial Engraving would be happy to quote for any of your laser etching requirements. It might be mechanical engraving that you are looking for, or you just want to explore the difference. Have a look at more examples of our work whilst we get back to you. If you want to pick our brains on all things engraving then give us a call. We love a challenge.

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