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Mechanically Engrave Large Stainless Steel ABB Wiring Diagram Drawing Plate

Total Industrial Engraving Ltd is a family run engraving business based in Leicester

Total industrial Engraving specialise in industrial and commercial engraving. We were established in 2013, which is quite a while ago now. But previously we were Michael Smith Engraving Services Ltd which was established over 30 years ago. Undoubtedly this long history has allowed us to become experts in our field. We use our knowledge to help our customers to get the best product for them at the best price. We will tell you if there is a cheaper and quicker option and let you decide for yourselves.

How are we different?

Historically we mechanically engraved Traffolyte labels. However after extensive material research we have moved on to better materials to produce our version of traffolyte labels. We bought two large laser engraving machines and switched to a material that contains over 15% recycled content. In my experience most customers need a fast turnaround time. Switching to laser engraving allows us to work faster and reduce waste. Therefore we can keep our prices competitive even though the material costs nearly double what traffolyte costs. Time is money as we all know.
Similarly we have also increased our product offering, which doesn’t necessarily fit with our name but many people know us as Total Industrial Engraving or TIE for short so we aren’t going to change that. For instance we now not only offer engraving. But also chemical etching, digitally printed signs, screen printing and printed labels on a roll.


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In addition to specialising in laser engraving, we also have the capabilities and machinery to supply rotary engraving. We use a Gravograph IS8000XP, importantly it has a large bed size. Therefore we can engrave up to 2 metres by 750mm.
Our professional approach ensures we supply the highest quality products. Firstly designed to meet your individual needs. In addition to not blowing your budget. Furthermore meeting even the tightest of deadlines.
Most importantly our customer service is second to none. Above all we pride ourselves on communicating with every customer. We endeavour to offer and advise the best, and most cost effective methods. We know a lot about materials and engraving methods and will advise you where possible to save time and money.
However if you have a material in mind that we haven’t used before, certainly we are happy to test it for you. Therefore checking that we can achieve the results you need.

Legend laser engraving large labels


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What our customers say…

Thank you once again for your time and effort to drop off the labels on-site yesterday. We would never expect a supplier to do this, and we really appreciate this. It was nice seeing you in person!


Thanks for the exemplary service you have provided us with thus far.


I have those laser-etched custom plates on my desk and they look beautiful! Great work!

Chris Lyall

A big thank you to you and your team for turning my labels round so quickly. Whilst it was only a small order to you, it was our opportunity to impress a new client. You have helped us achieve this. Appreciated!