Laser Engraved Legends Legend Plates

Total Industrial Engraving are now producing laser engraved legends legend plates. They are perfect for labelling push buttons and key switches. They can be supplied with or without a self-adhesive backing. For larger legends you may want fixing holes. If you have them 3mm diameter we can also supply the white plastic rivets for fixing to your panel.



Laser Engraved Legends Legend Plates can be produced in many different colours. We keep a large range in stock to ensure fast turnaround. We can order most other colour options for delivery the next day. We use 1.5mm gravoply as standard because we find it is the best material to use. It is a slightly flexible 2 ply material. This makes it less brittle than Traffolyte. It is also cost effective even though it is suitable for exterior use. The reason for this is that we can set up a whole sheet. The laser engraver will engrave all of the text first and then return to the start position to cut any lamp holes and fixing holes. Once this has been completed it will cut out the label. We then apply a bevelled edge to all labels, where possible. We cannot do this if you choose to have radius corners. This gives the label a professional finish and ensures your panel keeps the quality finish you designed it to have.


What To Do Next…

Laser Engraved Legends Legend Plates can be produced from a simple pdf with the dimensions shown, we will set this up in our software and then send you a picture via email to ensure that you are happy with the design prior to engraving. You can also send us a dxf for us to import into our software if you prefer. Because the legends are laser engraved we can use any TrueType font that you would like us to use and we have hundreds in our software. If you’d like us to use a font that we don’t have then simply email the .ttf file with your drawing.


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